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P&K CI Story
P&K's CI contains the vision of Beauty and Health Best Partnerbased on 'Impartiality', ‘Trust' and ‘Science'.
P&K CI design
The new CI of P&K reflects an forward-looking and innovative direction, keeping the essence of the opening part, and the color 'P&K GREEN' symbolizes the values of impartiality, trust, and scientific that P&K holds.
The letters 'P,' '&' and 'K' are arranged diagonally to create a sense of balance, with bold straight lines and refined curves serving as focal points, representing P&K's aspiration for global expansion. Additionally, Bold typography is used to ensure that P&K’s core values of ‘impartiality and trust' are conveyed more intuitively.
  • C0 M0 Y0 K90
  • C72 M23 Y100 K0