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P&K Skin Research Center

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P&K Skin Research Center

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    In order to meet the demands for new cosmetic raw material development, functional cosmetics, and human application testing for quasi-drugs, the company provides scientific information and technical support while simultaneously manufacturing and selling raw pharmaceutical materials, raw cosmetic materials, and raw materials for health foods. Established in 2010, we are also the only dermatological clinical research center to be formed by a strategic alliance between Daebong LS and Medical Research Institute that promotes our industry-academia cooperation teams and industry-academia-research support projects.

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    Equipped with facilities that have been approved by MFDS regulations and meet European and U.S. standards, along with raw pharmaceutical material and cosmetic material research, analysis, and technical inspection knowledge accumulated over 30 years, P&K Skin Research Center performs clinical dermatological research including human application testing to develop basic cosmetics, functional cosmetics, functional raw materials, and quasi-drugs in accordance with MFDS, European, and U.S. standards.

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    In addition to cosmetics, we perform scientific evaluations of efficacy for various products applied to human skin to provide information about the products and technical support.

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    In order to ensure the scientific validity, objectivity, and transparency of our evaluations, we combine the expertise of Daebong LS in the research, manufacture, and analysis of raw pharmaceutical and cosmetic materials with dermatologists and research specialists from the university hospital who have extensive experience in the human application testing of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.