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Management Goals

Management Goals
Management Goals
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Motto, Corporate Philosophy

기업 신조
기업 신조
기업 신조
Values and beliefs shall be upheld
by all members involved in decision-making and management activities.

Seven principles of management

principles of management
principles of management
  • 01Five-year zero debt management

    The principles of capital investment, an important element of corporate management, are to expand organizations within the limitations of available capital. If the need to obtain a bank loan presents itself, the debt shall be limited to the extent that it will be paid back within five years. The principle of zero-debt management shall be enforced to prevent excessive expansion.

  • 02Stable Internal Management

    Company goals include the pursuit of profits, the creation of jobs, and the realization of growth. Rapid growth, however, exposes the company to the risk of failure. As such, our management is committed to implementing managed growth of levels of market prices reflected in the consumer price index + 10%.

  • 03Stable Management

    We have implemented 2-3 risk mitigation measures to protect ourselves from uncertainties and various management variables with a goal to achieve and sustain a bad debt level of 0%.

  • 04Technology Development and Priority Management

    Corporate competitiveness within the 21st century can also be seen as technological competitiveness. Therefore, our goal is to develop original technologies that are recognized globally rather than pursue growth by non-technological factors, while increasing sales by leveraging our own technologies and developing lines(technical cooperation).

  • 05Establishment of Guidelines and Accountable Management

    “Believe in our organization and its members!” “Keep ourselves accountable!” We must verify that all management activities are accurately implemented in rapidly changing business environments and ensure that management actions abide by the established guidelines and principles. Our systems and procedures will be continuously updated to meet the challenges of changing business environments and security expectations, and these changes shall be fair and meet the standards of our employees. Any and all amendments shall be established and implemented after obtaining board approvals and compliance verifications.

  • 06Responsible Management

    Employees who create losses for our company by engaging in illicit activities, failing to abide by company rules and regulations, or carrying out business decisions without proper reports or approvals shall be held liable for their actions.

  • 07People-Centered Management

    Capital is important for companies, but employees are their most important assets. We are thus dedicated to training and educating our staff and recruiting talented individuals by providing fair remuneration according to each individual’s performance levels and abilities. These guidelines shall be reasonable and established in such a way as to meet the expectations of our employees.