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New Standard for Cosmetics Selection,

P&K Certification Mark

The "P&K Certification Mark" offers scientific information based on the advanced technological capabilities of the No.1 institution in human application testing.
It provides consumers with the opportunity to verify the safety and efficacy of products before use, and proposes a new standard for selecting cosmetics

We prevent misuse of cosmetics through dermatological science to
enhance the quality of individual lives.

P&K Skin Research Center is the Korea ranks No.1 institution specializing clinical tests for
the safety and efficacy evaluation of cosmetics, functional cosmetics, beauty devices, health functional foods, and more.The P&K certification mark, obtained after verification through clinical tests, serves as a new indicator that provides a clear overview of the safety and efficacy of products.

The certification mark is only awarded to products that have been clearly evaluated through in-vivo tests based on Impartiality, Trust, Science.
  • 신뢰

    P&K, the top leader in the field of human application testing, and the only listed company, directly conducts the tests. We employ globally validated scientific testing methods.
  • 공정

    We conduct fair tests through 309 human application testing methods in 34 categories.
    The change is measured after the test subject directly uses the product provided by the client.
  • 과학

    The testing is carried out with the participation of dermatologists and 70 skincare experts.
    Every year, P&K develop new testing methods to evaluate changing skin-related products.

P&K Certification Mark Issuance Process

  • 시험의뢰

    Test request
  • 인체적용시험

    Clinical study
  • 보고서 발행

    Report Issuance
  • 인증마크 발행

    Certification mark issuance

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저자극으로 판단되는 제품들에게 발급되는 인증마크


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