home Privacy Policy

P&K Skin Research Center (“Company”) abides by the following policy to protect the personal information and rights of users, which is in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and securely deals with users’ complaints related to personal information.

P&K Skin Research Center will update the company website through announcements (and contact each individual user) if changes are made to the personal information processing policy.

○ This policy has been in effect since April 21, 2017.

  • 01Collection of personal information and method of collection

    Our Company collects the following personal information to provide services and contents.
    Collected information: Email address, name, contact information (telephone number)
    Method of collection: Customer inquiry registration.

  • 02Purpose of collection and use of personal information

    1) Homepage management: Personal information is collected to respond to complaints and suggestions and pricing inquiries.

  • 03Use and retention period of personal information

    As a policy, we do not store or save your personal information. If we do need to save your personal information, the following policy shall be followed:
    - Retained information: E-mail address, name, contact information
    - Reason for retention: Prevention of confusion during service period
    - Retention period: Two years

  • 04Procedures and methods of deleting personal information

    As a general rule, our Company will promptly delete personal information after all customer inquiries have been satisfactorily resolved and completed.
    Personal information will be removed through deletion from our homepage (DB).

  • 05Personal information provision

    Our company does not provide users’ personal information to third parties.
    The following, however, are exceptions:
    - If the user provides permissions in advance.
    - If authorities request the information for investigation purposes or violations of legal processes, users’ information will be provided in compliance with legal proceedings.